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Channel 1+1 started broadcasting in 1995 in a network of UT-1 channels. The founder of the channel is Olesandro Rodnyanskiy – he is the director and producer. From 1997 the channel started independent broadcasting in the network of UT-2 Channel. Today 1+1 Media is a holding which unites several information and entertainment television channels, foreign broadcasting, news agency “UNIAN”, which in turn has its own TV and radio channels. Besides, it includes such websites as and “Glavred”. In 2010 the company was completely acquired by Ihor Kolomoyskyi. In 2016 1+1 Media bought Viasat Ukraine (a distributor of cable and satellite TV).

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Oleksandr Rodnianskyi

Affiliated Interests Founder

Born in Kiev, got a degree as a filmmaker at the Kyiv National I. K. Karpenko-Kary Theatre, Cinema and Television University. In1995 founded the television company "1+1", which was sold to the Igor Kolomoisky's company in 2010. The former director of the Russian Media Group STS (up to 2008), the director and the producer. In 2016 he became a member of the American Film Academy. His cousin - Boris Fuksman - was co-owner of the "1+1 media" up to 2010. In 2009 Rodniansky created A.R. Films company. He is the head of the company. A.R. Films is engaged in production and distribution of films, and unites the film production company "Non-Stop Production", the developer and operator of the game platform GameNet, and the publisher of the Russian-language computer games Syncopate company and the Russian film festival "Kinotavr".


Oleksandr Tkachenko, Chief Executive Officer

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Since August 2008 Oleksandr Tkachenko holds the position of the chief executive officer at the 1+1 Media. Oleksandr graduated from the Department of Journalism of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. In 1988 began his professional career as an editor and presenter of the TV program "Molodizhna Studia "Hart" on TV channel UT-1. In the course of time became a reporter of the international news agency Reuters. In 1993, Oleksandr created a television company "Nova Mova" that made analytical program "Pislyamova", where Oleksandr was the presenter. In autumn 1994 TV program "Pislyamova" aired on UT-1 TV channel, and two years later on the TV channel "1+1". During that period, Oleksandr headed the TSN news service and became the deputy general producer of the TV channel "1+1". In 1998, Oleksandr left "1+1", focusing on the development of "Nova Mova". During the year the company created the Oleksandr Tkachenko's TV programme "Oblichya Svitu" for the television channel "Inter". In 1999, Oleksandr headed TV channel "Novyi Kanal". In 2008 worked as a general director deputy of the TV channel REN-TV in Moscow.
Furthermore, he appears in mass media as one of the authors of "public service broadcasting" project in Ukraine.


Sergyi Popov, Director of Information Broadcasting

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Since 1994 has been working in regional television in Donetsk. At the beginning of his career worked as a news reporter, then as a presenter of TV programs on the economy. Since 1998 has been working as reporter, presenter and chief editor of news on TV channel STB. After that — a chief editor of the news service TRK "Ukraina". Since October 2011 has been working as a director of information broadcasting in "1+1 Media". Is responsible for planning and the content of the news airtime.

Other Important People

Iryna Stroyko – Member of the Editorial Board of the TV Channel

Affiliated Interests other important people

Iryna Stroyko is listed as the director of Posidonia Trading (Belize) in the Ownership Registers.


Address: 04080, Ukraine, Kyiv, Kyrylivska St. 23. Phone: +38 (044),

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Further Information


Kolomoyskyi contests the information about selling 50% of 1+1 Media group to people affiliated with Petro Poroshenko
Executive Director of 1+1 Media defined the group’s position as for the changes in cable TV market and introduction of paid content for private TV channels
1+1 Media group started the procedure of procuring satellite broadcasting operator Viasat Ukraine

Meta Data

There is no data available for economic activities of the company in open sources. The company did not provide those upon MOM request. Director of the sale-house “Plusy”, Valeriy Varenytsia claims in one of his interviews, that the advertisement revenues of the group amount to 90%, but there are doubts about the accuracy of this number. The Channel does not publish any clear information about administrative structure of the group, but only provides information about particular managers and not the links between them.


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