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TV Channel UBR

In June 2013 Igor Guzhva bought the TV channel UBR with the intention to reformat it to the end of the year into the non-stop news channel by changing the name to «Vesti TV», which did happen. The channel was attached to the media holding "Media-Invest Group", which also includes daily free newspaper "Vesti", "Radio Vesti" and website June 14, 2013 the TV channel UBR ("ES Production Group" Ltd.) changed its management and owners. Igor Guzhva became a new CEO of the channel (previously it was headed by Olena Vered), Sergei Logunov was appointed to the position of general producer (ex-General Producer of Pershyi Ukraine), and Igor Guzhva, Julia Kugitko and Andriy Kanivets became the Members of the Editorial Board of the channel (instead of Georgiy Kaplunenko, Oleksander Yurakov and Olena Vered). Maksym Zurian, Oleksandr Yarovyi and Bogdan Myanovskyi stayed the Members of the Editorial Board. On July 17, 2014 the National Council of Broadcasting announced the warning to the UBR channel for synchronous of terrorists in the air.During 2015 there were significant changes in the ownership structure of the channel. In particular, according to the documents Igor Guzhva sold his share to Yana Chumak, who in turn gave it to Denys Mozgovyi.

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free content

Active Disguise

in addition to unavailability of true data, ownership is disguised, e. g. through bogus companies, etc.

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Media Companies / Groups

Media Holding Vesti Ukraine


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Voting Rights

“ES Production Group” Ltd. UBR owners is within its company: “Media Invest Plus” Ltd. – 1%, “IG Media Ukraine” Ltd. – 99%.

Individual Owner

Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year

2008. From 2013 UBR channel is a part of the Media Holding "Vesti Ukraine."


Yuriy Kaplunenko

Affiliated Interests Founder

Yuriy Kaplunenko (born: July 5, 1975, Kyiv) is a Ukrainian businessman, founder of the Channel UBR (Ukrainian Business Research). He is one of the first in the field of business TV production in Ukraine. In 2013 he founded GRP (Great Practice) communication agency and manages it. His business structures have been working and continue to work with the central Ukrainian TV channels and other mainstream media. Specifically media unit ES Group produced the following business television programs: "Business World" (“Dilovyi Svit”) for the First National Channel, "The era of business" for the TRC "Era", "Business facts" (“Dilovi facty”) for ICTV, "Issue price" (“Tsina pytannia”) for NTN, "Business Plus" for STB etc.


Yuriy Kundos

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Co-owner of "financial company “Novus", founded by "TRIDENT SERVICE" Ltd.


Olena Lysenko, chief editor of the Channel UBR website

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Olena has many years of experience in journalism, specializing in economic issues. In the past three years she headed the editorial section "Business" in the newspaper "Vesti".
The journalists of the section "Business" joined the website team together with her.

Other Important People

Alina Titova, Chief Editor of TV channel UBR in 2012, before buying the channel by Guzhva’s holding.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Igor Guzhva long time was the chief editor of "Segodnia" newspaper (owner Rinat Akhmetov). He created newspaper and holding "Vesti" in 2013 after a two-year stay in Moscow. The man of clearly pro-Russian views. In June 2013 bought the channel UBR and was the chairman of the editorial board.


Kyiv city, 04052, Melnikova Street, 42

Tel. / Тел.: +38 (044) 494-30-51

Fax / Факс: +38 (044) 489-09-97

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Вещатели Еханурова, Таруты и Клименко откорректировали структуру собственности:

Meta Data

At first the channel did not answer to the official inquiry about media ownership. Subsequently through other sources we consulted with the Press Secretary of Media Holding "Vesti Ukraine", who promised to help us with the search of relevant information, because "everything is in free access and is not hidden." We are waiting…


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