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The newspaper "Vesti" was created by Igor Guzhva on the basis of the staff of the newspaper "Segodnia" by luring out 52 people out of it. In "Segodnia" Mr. Guzhva had been working for a long time as an editor and later because of the conflict with the owners was released and moved to Moscow. At the beginning almost all copies of "Vesti" were distributed for free (almost without advertisements), only at the moment the volume of free distribution is significantly reduced. Mr. Guzhva called himself the owner of Media Holding "Vesti Ukraine" and because of that tax service paid attention to him. In May 2014 a search was conducted in the editorial office of "Vesti" newspaper. At the same time the tax police blocked the accounts of "Visti Mass Media" and Igor Guzhva who was accused in fictitious business, money laundering and tax evasion. Pre-trial investigation revealed that "Visti Mass Media" received funds in the amount of 93.6 million USD to its account of from a fictitious company, which were legalized then. In April 2015 the Security Service of Ukraine accused the newspaper in support of separatism – namely the publication of several articles aimed at violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. In addition, the newspaper accused of receiving illegal funding sources. End Cypriot company “Multimedia” Ltd. owners of are unknown, but the CEO of TVi Mykola Kniazhytskyi assumed that the owners had not changed and the sale had only been a formality to secure against accusations of abuse and the transfer of funds offshore

Key facts

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Ownership Type


Geographic Coverage

Local | Published (has separate editorial offices) in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Zaporizzhia, Dnipro and Odesa. Before the war used to be published in Donetsk.

Content Type

Free content |(within distribution in the mornings in crowded places) Paid content

Active Disguise

in addition to unavailability of true data, ownership is disguised, e. g. through bogus companies, etc.

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Media Companies / Groups

Media Holding Vesti Ukraine


Ownership Structure

The founders of LLC "RANDI" are: LLC "Media Invest Plus", LLC "IG Media Ukraine". The final beneficiary is Denys Mozgovyi

Voting Rights


Individual Owner

Media Companies / Groups

General Information

Founding Year



LLC “Vesti mass-media”, Igor Guzhva

Affiliated Interests Founder

Igor Guzhva long time was the chief editor of "Segodnia" newspaper (owner Rinat Akhmetov). He created newspaper and holding "Vesti" in 2013 after a two-year stay in Moscow. The man of clearly pro-Russian views. Under his management the newspaper constantly manipulated in content, causing outrage in society, but it had a distinct group of support among those who used to get it for free. Donetsk editorial office of "Vesti" supported the arrival of separatists, it is not published now.


Oleg Liakhov

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Oleg Liakhov, the head of LLC “RANDI”


Oksana Omelchenko

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Oksana Omelchenko is a chief editor of “Vesti” since September 2015. She replaced Igor Guzhva on this post. She has been working in the field of journalism for already 15 years. Previously Oksana used to work as the editor of departments and deputy chief editor in the following media: "Day", "Economicheskie Izvestiya", "Gazeta 24", "Segodnia".

Other Important People

Olga Semchenko
Oleksandr Klymenko

Affiliated Interests other important people

Oleksandr Klymenko is Ukrainian businessman and politician, former Minister of Incomes and Fees of Ukraine (December 24, 2012 – February 27, 2014). The representative of the Ukrainian oligarchic clan, known as the "Yanukovych family." According to media reports, he is the owner of the newspaper "Vesti", radio "Vesti" and UBR channel.
Olga Semchenko, head of Media Holding "Vesti Ukraine", the former press secretary, civil wife of former Minister of Incomes and Fees under the regime of Yanukovych Oleksandr Klymenko. Allegedly Igor Guzhva sold her his share of ownership. In the interview to "Detector Media" Ms. Semchenko denied that its owner is Oleksandr Klymenko.


01 001, Kyiv city, Sportyvna Street, 1a, “Guliver” Busincees Center, floor 32Tel.: +38 044 591 03 15

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Further Information


Вещатели Еханурова, Таруты и Клименко откорректировали структуру собственности
«Радио Вести» досі не оприлюднило структуру власності, а власник UBR отримав канал у подарунок
Экс-редактор "Репортера" Крюкова: Инвестором "Вестей" был и остается Клименко

Meta Data

Mediaownership of "Vesti" is a problem for the whole mediasociaty of Ukraine since the newspaper founding in 2013. The founder of "Vesti" Igor Guzhva actively hid the truth and later after a try to accuse him of nonpayment of tax amounting to 17 million USD he practiced "resales" and "gifts". So exploring dense scheme of fictitious resales as well as study of the main "owners’" biographies made no sense.


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