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Business Radio Group

Business Radio Group

Business Radio Group was founded in 1994. This media holding includes four Ukrainian radio stations: "Shanson", "Lyubimoe radio", "DJFM" and "Business radio". Besides, there is a separate LLC "Ukrainska Radio Grupa" (Ukrainian Radio Group), which appears in the ownership structure of DJFM. A linking factor between the two enterprises is the CEO of both Ukrayinska Radio Grupa and Business Radio Group – Anatolyi Evtuhov. Also, LLC “Ukrayinska Radio Grupa” is co-founded by LLC “Orlando”, whereas the latter is a founder of other legal entities in the BRG holding.

Overall, there are 14 companies with broadcasting licenses in the Business Radio Group:

- Shanson:

1) LLC “TV and Radio company "Shanson",

2) LLC "Euromusic",

3) Private enterprise “TV and Radio company "Cherkaskyi centr mignarodnikh zvyazkiv" (Center for International Relations of Cherkasy),

4) LLC “TV and Radio company "Top-Radio",

5) LLC "Radio "Ekho",

6) LLC “TV and Radio company "Siverski pidpriepstva" (Siverian companies),

7) LLC “TV and Radio company Radio Khvylia" (Radio Wave),

8) LLC “TV and Radio company "Contact".


- Lyubimoe radio:

LLC "Radio Sharmanka", Private enterprise "Company "Nova Khvylia" (New Wave),

LLC “TV and Radio company "Center".


LLC "Ukrainska Radio Grupa" ("Ukrainian Radio Group"),

LLC "Radio company "Classic Radio".

- Business radio:

LLC “TV and Radio company "Business-radio".


Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form

Limited Liability Companies, Private Enterprises

Business Sectors

Radio broadcasting


Individual Owner

The Yevtuhov family: Anatolii, Larysa and Yevgen

Anatoliy Evtukhov is CEO at the Business Radio Group. He worked as CEO of TAVR Media in the past. Evtukhov is a Board Member of the Independent Association of Broadcasters. Anatoliy has a son Evgeniy Evtukhov, a Ukrainian DJ performing under a name of DJ Sender. At the same time Evgeniy is a CEO of DJFM, and together with his father he shares the post of CEO at the Business Radio Group.
His wife, Larysa, owns one of the Business Radio Group radio stations.

Media Outlets

Media Business

Media Business

Radio broadcasting | Radio Shanson, Lyubimoe radio, DJFM, Business Radio #



Radio broadcasting | Radio Shanson, Lyubimoe radio, DJFM, Business Radio #

General Information

Founding Year




Affiliated Interests Founder





01032, Kyiv, 54/1 Tarasa Shevchenko blvr.

Tel. +380445373737, +380445373886

Tax/ ID Number

23730238 (this is the tax number for LLC "Ukrainska Radio Grupa", an owner of DJFM, CEO - Anatolyi Evtuhov).

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)


Operating Profit (in Mill. $)


Advertising (in % of total funding)



Executive Board

Anatoliy Evtukhov is CEO (general) of Business Radio Group

Non-Executive Board


Supervisory Board


Further Information


Ukrainian radio station punished for the lack of Ukrainian music. 2015. Retrieved from: (05.09.2016).

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

Data collection for radio group was difficult due to the fact that it is a lose holding without a legal registration / entity. It is therefore, impossible to determine number of employees or board members. As with all other media groups/companies information about revenue, profit and advertising is missing because it is under commercial secret and companies and groups are not willing to disclose it. Furthermore, the big number of companies and the lack of legal basis of group make it impossible to identify shares for every owner in this group. The group did not reply to the MOM letters requesting additional information.


Unified state register of the Ministry of justice of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and civic formations. Retrieved in August 2016, from

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