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Mozgovyi Denis Oleksandrovych

He is a citizen of Avdiivka (it is occupied by the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic). He is a front person for registration of several bogus companies that own “Vesti –Ukraina” (“News-Ukraine”) media holding as a result. Holding owns “Vesti” (“News”) newspaper, UBR TV-channel, “Vesti” (“News”) radio station, website, website and website

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There is almost no information about the person. He is a front face of holding that may be owned by Oleksandr Klymenko who was a minister of incomes and fees of Ukraine during Yanukovich regime.

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Вещатели Еханурова, Таруты и Клименко откорректировали структуру собственности
«Радио Вести» досі не оприлюднило структуру власності, а власник UBR отримав канал у подарунок

Active Disguise

in addition to unavailability of true data, ownership is disguised, e. g. through bogus companies, etc.

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Meta Data

Ownership structure is available, but contains no true information.


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