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Oksana Andreyko

Oksana Andreyko

Born in 1968 in Lviv, Oksana Andreyko is married to Roman Andreyko. She studied at Lviv Polytechnic University as her husband. Oksana is a co-owner of Radio-24 (50%) and one of the stakeholders in media holding “Lux” (10,1%).

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Roman Andreyko, spouse of Oksana, founder, owner and the CEO of Radio 24 and TRK Lux, politician, member of the party “Samopomich”.

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Andrey Sadovoy re-registered his business on the name of his wife and the CEO of RK Lux. Retrieved from: (01.09.2016)

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Most of the data on Oksana Andreyko’s profile was only available from her personal Facebook page. She leads a private life. Therefore, the scarcity of information about an actor may indicate that the person is in fact not an actual owner. Based on this, we concluded, that the factual owners and decision-makers can be defined based on their public exposure.


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