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Inter is a nationwide Ukrainian channel which started broadcasting in 1996. It positions itself as a family channel, which reflects upon needs of wide range of social and age groups in Ukraine. Inter is a part of Inter Media Group Limited. Along with Inter TV channel the Media Group includes Inter+, NTN, K1, K2, Enter-film, Mega, ZOOM and Pixel TV channels.In 2013 the former top managers: Yegor Benkendorf, Boris Krasnyansky, Ganna Bezlyudna and others returned to the channel.According to the Channel's data VACEA VENTURES LIMITED 2 February 2015 has bought shares of the TV channel "Inter". Those shares are held by the Russian "Pershiy Kanal" channel, namely 29%.In March 2015 Euronews and Inter Media Group have signed a cooperation agreement.

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Inter Media Group


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The ultimate owner is Dmitry Firtash, the head of the company is Yegor Benkendorf. Alex Romanyuta also has the right of the signature. Limited liability company "Ukrainskiy Media Proect" (Dmitry Firtash is ultimate beneficiary) has 61% of shares, Vasea Venchurs Limited (VACEA VENTURES LIMITED) - 29%, Limited Liability Company "Pegas Telebachennya" (Svitlana Pluzhnikova - 10%)

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General Information

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Igor Pluzhnikov

Affiliated Interests Founder

Born in Olexandria. Ukrainian businessman and politician. He was an owner of the companies that founded the TV channel Inter (LLC "Pegas Telebachennya" and "Diloviy Svit" association. The latest association consisted of "Bersted Ukraina" company, "RIF-Service" company, "Plau Enterprayes" company, "Syndek" insurance company and the "Konnov Sozanovskiy" law firm.


Yegor Benkendorf - the Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Born in Kiev in a family of the Ukrainian director Andriy Benkendorf.


Oleksandr Pylypets

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

The director of LLC "Natsionalny informatsiyni systemy", that produce news and investigations of TV channel

Other Important People

1) Nazim Bedirov, a former director of the "Natsionalny informatsiyni systemy" (NIS)company, which produce news at TV channel Inter, is responsible for the investigation programs.

Affiliated Interests other important people

These persons are associated with Serhiy Lyovochkin's group of influence. Serhiy Lyovochkin is one of the owners of the "Inter" channel's large part. Igor Shuvalov is a citizen of the Russian Federation. Serhiy Lyovochkin is one of the final owners of the Inter Media Group


01601,Kyiv, Dmytrivska St. 30

Telphone/fax +38 (044) 490 67 65 З

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Further Information


About cooperation with “DNR”
A scandal with Mariya Stolyarova's speech during the day of the Nebesna Sotnya's commemoration
In March 2014 a member of the Parliament Mustafa Nayem reported about the draft law on nationalization of the TV channel "Inter".
The TV channel's owners reaction:
In 2011 the "Inter" channels' group have got the most digital broadcasting licenses delezh-tv-efyra-smachno-yak-v-dytynstvi/
During the celebration of the New Year in 2015 a scandal has occured because of the presence on "Inter" of the anti-ukrainian stance artists.

Meta Data

There is no data on the company's website about the ownership structure, therefore the information about the management resulted from searches in open sources/public registries. Also, we have also used the media group's press-service messages, that are published on the website and in open (public registries confirm this information).
The ownership structure's data were presented on 31 December 2015, but according to the Forbs-Ukraina report, Valery Khoroshkovsky sold his share and thus Dmitry Firtash became the sole owner. The information on shares was published by the company. Yet it there might be inconsistencies due to involvement of foreign (off-shore) companies, and their current ownership structure is unknown.


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