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National TV Company (UA:Pershiy / UA:The first)

The channel started broadcasting with the creation of television in Ukraine in 1939. However, the State Television Company of Ukraine was established by the government in 1992. In 2002, the presidential decree granted the channel the status of National. The Public TV is a joint stock company, 100% owned by the state. The company contains the national radio broadcaster "Culture", 29 local television companies, and the State Enterprise "Ukrtelefilm." It has a satellite broadcasting. This reform is also supported by the joint program of the European Union and the Council of Europe "Strengthening of information society in Ukraine" and the Deutsche Welle Akademie.

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National Television Company of Ukraine (UA: Pershiy)


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General Information

Founding Year

Started broadcasting in 1939 but the company was founded by Cabinet of ministers of Ukraine in 1995


Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Affiliated Interests Founder

Central body of the executive branch of power in Ukraine. Also is a founder of Ukrainian Radio (National Radio company of Ukraine) and State News Agency “Ukrinform”, newspaper “Courier of government”


Zurab Alasania

Affiliated Interests Ceo

Born in 1965, in Sukhumi (Georgia). He graduated from Kharkiv Civil Engineering Institute. In 1997-2000 he worked as a journalist in the studio "Telemak" and TV company "Simon" in Kharkiv. In 2000 co-founded the Media Group "Objective" in 2006 founded the agency "Mediaport" and weekly "MediaPost" in Kharkiv. In 2005-2010 years – Director of the Kharkiv regional state broadcasting company. There was a group of founders In 2014 he was appointed General Director of the National Television Company.


Vladyslav Gruzynskyi

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Producer of informational broadcasting of the National Television Company

Other Important People

Egor Benkendorf

Affiliated Interests other important people

Former CEO of the National Television Company, now he is a chairman of the Executive Board at “Inter” TV channel, where also worked before joining the National Television Company.


04119, Kyiv,42 Melnykova str.

Phone: (044) 481 0889, F: (044) 489 3905.


Financial Information

Revenue (in Mill. $)

State budget provided UAH 747 millions (USD 30 millions). According to preliminary estimates in 2017 UAH 1.8 billion (USD 47 millions) will be allocated from the state budget.

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Further Information


Президент підписав закон, що розблоковує реформу суспільного мовлення:

Meta Data

The channel is being reformed and is in the process of transition from state to public (creation of JSC "National public TV channel Ukraine"), therefore, some structural units stipulated by law, are not yet in place.


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