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Tavr Media

Tavr Media

Tavr media is one of the largest radio groups in Ukraine. It includes 6 national radio stations: Radio Roks, Russkoe radio Ukraina, Hit FM, Kiss FM, Radio Melodia, Radio Relax. There is a separate LLC “Tavr media” (which is not included in the ownership structure of any radio station from this radio group). The CEO of these two is one and the same person, namely, Igor Chernishov. Some of the founders of TAVR Media LLC are also founders / owners of the radio stations that are part of the TAVR Media holding (LLC “Ay Ci Em”, Pantoho Limited). There are 27 companies in this radio group, that have broadcasting licenses for the above mentioned 6 radio stations: Radio Roks – 13 companies: LLC “Klasik Radio”, Private enterprise Firm “Lyamin”, LLC “TV and Radio company “Novyi Den”, LLC “TV and Radio company “Pilot”, LLC “TV and Radio company “Yunio plyus”, LLC “Radio FM”, Private enterprise Radio company “Cherkasy-vybir”, LLC “Radio TON”, LLC “TV and Radio company “Unison Plyus”, LLC “TV and Radio company “Media FM”, LLC “TV and Radio company “Muzychno-informaciyne radio”, LLC “TV and Radio company “Misto FM”.

Russkoe Radio Ukraina – 4 companies: LLC “TV and Radio company “Russkoe radio” – Ukraina”, Subsidiary enterprise “TV and Radio company “Region-plyus”, LLC “TV and Radio company “MAN”, LLC “Boychuk-studia”.

Hit FM – 2 companies: LLC “TV and Radio company “Media market”, LLC “TV and Radio company “Imidg TV”.

Kiss FM – 3 companies: Ukrainian Corporation “TV and radio broadcasting “YUTAR”, LLC “TV and Radio company “Dayana Master”, LLC “TV and Radio company “Charivnyi svit”.

Radio Melodia – 3 companies: LLC “TV and Radio company “Radio Kohanya”, LLC “Radio Vsesvit”, LLC “Radio Ternopil”.

Radio Relax – 2 companies: LLC “Musicradio”, Private enterprise Studia “VTV”.

Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form

Limited Liability Companies, Private enterprises, Corporations and Subsidiary enterprise.

Business Sectors

Radio broadcasting


Individual Owner

Viktor Pinchuk

Viktor Pinchuk is one of the wealthiest men on earth. Forbes places him in 2016 on 1476th place with real time net worth of USD 1.36 billion. He is married to Olena Pinchuk, the daughter of the former President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma. Together with his wife Victor owns one of the biggest media holdings in Ukraine Starlight Media. He founded “Interpipe” in 1990, a metallurgical mill company, controls several dozens of enterprises active in steel industry, wheel and tubular production (Novomoskovsk Pipe Plant, Nizhnednepropetrovsky Pipe Rolling Plant, “Dniprospetsstal”, etc.). Interpipe is among top 10 of the world’s largest seamless pipes’ producers and third largest producer of solid-rolled railways wheels in the world. In 2007 he founded EastOne Group, an international investment advisory group which provides services in investment management across the continent in various sectors. The company combines more than 20 businesses and large-scale projects which include Interpipe, media and banking sector (Credit Dnepr Bank). Viktor Pinchuk also owns a company ‘Impulse Group’ which was registered in 2001 and lists among its activities the following: wholesale of solid, liquid and gas fuels and similar products, wholesale of metals and metal ores, wholesale of waste and scrap, financial leasing and research and experimental development in the field of other natural and technical sciences.
According to media, he invests in Facebook and Twitter via American funds.
He owns a charity fund “Victor Pinchuk Foundation” which is a non-partisan philanthropic foundation active in education, healthcare and art. The foundation has two scholarship programmes (Tomorrow from Ukrainian) World Wide Studies, which provide young brilliant Ukrainians with opportunities to study in world’s best universities in fields of agriculture, environment and alternative energies, public administration/law and aerospace engineering. The Foundation also organizes public lectures and roundtables (Philanthropic Roundtable in Davos) with world renowned leaders and scholars. Medsanbat provides medical training to doctors in conflict zones and Cradle of Hope is a network of neonatal centers all across Ukraine. “PinchukArtCentre” supports artists and promotes artistic education.
Together with Volosyuk Viktor Mikhailovich Pinchuk owns TAVR Company which also belongs to TAVR Media, radio holding with the following radios: Hit-FM, Kiss-FM, Russkoe Radio Ukraina, Radio Relax, Radio Roks, Radio Melodia. TAVR company owns various radio companies – Liamin (100%), Mir (95%), Pilot (95%).
Viktor Pinchuk served two terms as a Member of the Parliament with the “Labour Ukraine” between 1998 and 2002. He was a member of Committee for economic policy, national economy management, ownership and investments during both convocations. In 2006 he supported election campaign “Viche” party (before the announcement of the off-year election in 2007 Inna Bogoslovska was a head of the party). Despite powerful sponsorship, the party didn’t enter the parliament.
He is known to keep close friendships with the Clintons, Sir Elton John and Tony Blair. Last year he was the largest individual contributor to the Clinton Foundation, and allegations were made that his company, Interpipe, conducted business with Iran, which he denies. In 2013 Pinchuk joined Giving Pledge, where he committed to giving more than half of this wealth back to his country and society. He and Kolomoyskyi were schoolmates.
Pinchuk was born in Kyiv in 1960.
Born in Dnipropetrovsk, Olena graduated from Economics faculty of the Dnipropetrovsk State University. Olena Pinchuk is a daughter of the former President of Ukraine, Leonid Kuchma. Together with her husband Victor Pinchuk, Olena owns one of the biggest media holdings in Ukraine Starlight Media. It consists of 6 TV-channels. They are Novy Kanal (New Channel), STB, ICTV, music TV-channels M1 and M2 and QTV animation TV-channel. From 2003 she heads a charity organization Fund “AntiAIDS”. Currently this is the first and only charitable fund committed to fighting against AIDS in Ukraine operating on private donations.
Olena Pinchuk also owns EastOne Group together with her husband, where she appears under the name Elena Franchuk, surname of her first husband, Ihor Franchuk, who previously headed the “Chornomornaftogas” company. He is the son of the former Head of the Council of Ministers of Crimea, Anatoliy Franchuk. Olena has a son, Roman (born in 1991), with her first husband. Together with Viktor Pinchuk they have two daughters (born in 2003 and 2011). In November 2007 she got the 17th place in the TOP – 100 most influential women of Ukraine, by Focus. In 2010 Olena Pinchuk joined the UNAIDS High Level Commission on HIV prevention.

Media Outlets

Media Business

Media Business

Radio Broadcasting | Hit FM, Russkoe Radio Ukraine, Radio Roks, KissFm, Melodia Radio, Radio Relax #



Radio Broadcasting | Hit FM, Russkoe Radio Ukraine, Radio Roks, KissFm, Melodia Radio, Radio Relax #

International Business

Each of the 27 companies have various mother companies. But nearly all of them go back to the few companies, which are subsidiaries of limited companies registered primarily in Cyprus. These are:
Jeramino ICM, (Ay Ci EM) Ukraine (subsidiary of Uberlick Investments, Cyprus) owns 50% of ‘Unison Plus’, 50% of ‘Vashe Radio’, 50% of ‘Unio Plus’, 24% of ‘Klasik Radio’, 30% of ‘Media Market’, 50% of ‘Novy Den’
ICM, Ukraine (subsidiary of Jeramino Enterprises, Cyprus) owns shares in ‘Mir’ (8%) and Tavr’ (8%).
Mindoro Enterprises Ltd, Cyprus, owns 24% of ‘Tavr’, which in turn owns 100% of ‘Liamin’, 95% of ‘Pilot’ and 95% of ‘Mir’, 100% of ‘Boychuk-studia’. The company ‘Invstitsiyny Shlyakhy’, Ukraine (subsidiary of Pantoho Ltd, Cyprus) owns 18% of Tavr.
‘Akuleata Estate’, Ukraine (subsidiary of Geo-Alliance Ore One Ltd, Cyprus) owns 26% of ‘Klasik Radio’ and 45% of ‘Russkoe Radio Ukraina’
Company named ‘Tekhnomedia’ owns 50% of shares of the following companies: ‘Tavr’, ‘Vashe Radio’, ‘Mir’, ‘Novy Den’, ‘Unio Plus’, ‘Unison Plus’.
Company named ‘T.T.R.’ owns 50% ‘Media Market’ and ‘Klasik Radio’.

General Information

Founding Year




Affiliated Interests Founder





04119, Kyiv, 15 Sim’i Hohlovyh str., corp.A, ofiice 127.

Tel. 0445372140

Tax/ ID Number

Tavr Media holding is not registered (Tavr Media LLC is registered under 37403926)

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)


Operating Profit (in Mill. $)


Advertising (in % of total funding)



Executive Board

Igor Chernishov - CEO of TAVR Media

Non-Executive Board


Supervisory Board

Mykola Bagraev - head of the supervisory board of TAVR Media radio group.

Other Influential People

Sergey Kuzin - CEO of Russkoe Radio station. He represented interests of the radio group in legal discussion at the Parliamentary Committee on Freedom of Speech and Information Policy.

Further Information


В ТАВР Медиа - усиление коммерческих кадров, - «МедиаБизнес».,ru/

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

Data collection for radio group was difficult due to the fact that it is a lose holding without a legal registration / entity. It is therefore, impossible to determine number of employees or board members. As with all other media groups/companies information about revenue, profit and advertising is missing because it is under commercial secret and companies and groups are not willing to disclose it. Furthermore, the big number of companies and the lack of legal basis of group make it impossible to identify shares for every owner in this group. The group did not reply to the MOM letters requesting additional information.


Unified state register of the Ministry of justice of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and civic formations. Retrieved in August 2016, from

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