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Larysa Knyazhytska

Larysa Knyazhytska

Larysa Fanzevna Knyazhytska is a press manager. Born in 1970, she is a mother to three children: Leonid (1992), Anastasia (2005), and Anton (2014). As Mediananny reports, it is possible that she is a journalist by training and met Mykola Knyazhytsky at the university. She is not a public person, thus, the data is limited. It is known that she is a wife of a politician Mykola Knyazhytsky.

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Larysa Knyajitska is the wife of Mykola Knyajitsky, Member of the Parliament of Ukraine of 7th and 8th convocations (2012-2014 and 2014-2019).
He is a former owner of media outlets such as TV channels - Tonis, STB, UT-1 and “Gazeta-24” (“Newspaper-24”). He was a member of State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting. Since November 27, 2014 he is a Member of the Ukrainian Parliament. He was elected in a nation-wide multi-mandate constituency from “Narodny front” (“People’s front”) party. In 2008 Mykola Knyajitsky together with a group of coworkers, that left their jobs at “Mediadim”, a distribution company, created a new project – Tbi (TVi) channel (“International Media Company”). Knyajitsky held a position of Director General at TBi (TVi) and was on air with a weekly authorial TV-program “Evening with Mykola Knyajitsky”.

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Дружині Княжицького належить «Еспрессо ТВ» (The wife of Knyajitsky owns „Espreso TV“)

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Larysa Knyajitska is not a public person. There is scarce biographical data about her.


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