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The Yevtuhov family: Anatolii, Larysa and Yevgen

Owners of Business Radio GroupAnatoliy Yevtukhov is CEO (general) of Business Radio Group (also, he was CEO of TAVR Media radio group). Has a place of a member of the board at the Independent Association of Broadcasters. His son - Evgeniy Evtukhov is a Ukrainian DJ (DJ Sender), CEO of DJFM and CEO in Business Radio Group too (with his father). His wife is one of the owners of radio stations that form a Business Radio Group.Larisa Yevyuhova is Anatoliy Yevtukhov’s wife, who is a general CEO of Business Radio Group. Legal founder of the Send Records company which belongs to her son Yevhen Yevtuhov.

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Pinchuk family, Bagraev Family and Viktor Volosyuk as owners of Tavr media group on which Yevtukhov was a CEO.

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Who owns Ukrainian Radio stations: from “Tavr Radio” to “Hromadske Radio”
National Council will check once again how “Shanson” is keeping quotas for ukrainian songs

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Business Radio Group has a common management for all radio stations of a group. As Radio is being separated between three legal companies it’s impossible to determine owners’ share.


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