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Andreyko Roman Bohdanovych

Andreyko Roman Bohdanovych

Roman Andreyko is a co-owner of Radio 24. Born in Lviv in 1968, he graduated from Lviv Polytechnic University in 1995. He has been working for the radio Lux FM since 1993. Starting as a technical director, he became the CEO as well as an Executive Partner of the Lux media holding in 1999. In 1998-2002 he was elected to the Lviv City Council. In 2014-2015 he was a Kyiv City Council Deputy and a permanent member the Committee on Information Policy and Advertisement. Roman is a close friend of Andrey Sadovyi, the Mayor of Lviv and the founder of TV and Radio Broadcasting Company “Lux”, as they studied together in Lviv. He is married to Oksana Andreyko, who is the second co-owner of Radio 24.

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Oksana Andreyko, the spouse, equally co-owns all Roman’s companies and the group.

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Andrey Sadovoy re-registered his business on the name of his wife and the CEO of RK Lux. Retrieved from: (01.09.2016).

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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During the research two conclusions were made. First, extensive information on the Internet could be found predominantly for male actors. Thus, it is safe to say that in Ukraine information about male actors in business and politics is more accessible than about their female counterparts. However, there were interviews and articles about Marta Bilska, who is the Editor-in-Chief of Radio 24 and Lux FM. Final beneficiaries of companies associated with Andreyko and Sadovy families were female actors, wives of Roman Andreyko and Andriy Sadovyi, about whom information was very difficult to obtain, to the extent that we used their respective Facebook profiles. Therefore, the scarcity of information about an actor may indicate that the person is in fact not an actual owner. Based on this, we concluded, that the factual owners and decision-makers can be defined based on their public exposure.


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