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Ukraine is an Eastern European country with the largest territory in Europe after the Russian Federation. More than 42.5 million people call Ukraine home. It is a very urbanized country, despite the important role of agriculture in the economy, almost 70% of the population lives in urban areas. Along with other Post Soviet nations Ukraine has a very high rate of literacy (99,8%).

Ukraine is a multi-ethnic society, yet considerable majorities belongs to either ethnic Ukrainian or Russian groups. The respective two languages have a special place in Ukraine’s history and up to present times. A significant number of people (by various estimates from quarter to nearly a third of the population) recognize Russian as their native language. Bilingualism is very common. Similarly, different religious groups are represented in the society, but again the vast majority of people consider themselves Orthodox Christian (as representatives of either the Kiev or Moscow Patriarchates of the Orthodox Church).

Ukraine is an ageing society with a low birth rate and an annual population growth rate at –0.6%. Older population is also among the most active electorate. In 2014 activists launched a campaign named “Save the country. Hide your Grandma’s passport”, which reflects the fears of youth whose see their future being decided by the people of the past with different ideals.

Demography of Ukraine is also reflected in media consumption habits. While TV in general is the most popular medium for information 82%, internet is gaining on popularity fast (67%). Press (28%) and radio (23%) are in decline. Ukrainians prefer to watch national TV over regional (95%), but the reverse is true in press, regional newspapers are a lot more popular than the national press (70%). 66% of Ukrainians are connected to the world wide web at homes.


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