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Kateryna Kit-Sadova

Kateryna Kit-Sadova

Kateryna Kit was born in 1974 in Kalush in Prykarpattya region in a family of permanent way engineer and draughtswoman who worked in design engineering department1995 – met her future husband Andriy Sadovyi, current mayor of Lviv1997 – graduated from Lviv Academy of Arts1998 – 2001 – worked in Kyiv in Soros Modern Art Center and was a director of “Macros” printing company2001 – she married Andriy Sadovyi. At that time he was a Head of Board of Directors of “Pivdenzakhidelectromerejbud”, Public Joint Stock Company2006 – she became the main beneficiary of TRC “Lux”. Andriy Sadovyi is elected to the post of Lviv mayor.2013 – in summer the wife of mayor of Lviv Kateryna Kit-Sadova who owned 80% of shares of TRK “Lux,” sold 3% of shares for 3 million hryvnyas to Roman Andriyko to buy a new house.

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Hospitality industry | ‘Restaurant Italiyskiy Dvir’, ‘Korolivskiy Dvorik’. A co-founder of “Korolivskiy Dvoryk” (Royal Yard) LLC, which owns a restaurant in Lviv called “Italiyskiy Dvir” (Italian Yard). #

Production | TRC “Lux” owns 15% of “Luxen” sound

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Andriy Sadovyi, husband. He is a founder of TRC Lux. In 2006 he had re-assigned the company to his wife before elections of Lviv mayor in which he won. Together they bring up five sons Ivan-Pavel, Tadey-Luka, Mykhailo, Yosyp and Antonii. In 2015 incomes of Lviv mayor and “Samopomich” (“Self-help”) political party Andrii Sadovy amounted 107.000 hrn. While his family members declared 752,233 hrn of incomes per year. Andriy Sadovyi is an actual final beneficiary of TRK Lux.

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ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Data about Sadovyi family property is one of the most easily accessible in Ukraine. This was the case even before the Law on media ownership was adopted. The only issue is that actual main owner of TRC Lux is mayor of Lviv Sergiy Sadovyi.


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